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"Coach Lindsay is amazing, Marley receives pitching instruction twice a week, and we have seen such an improvement in her skills with each game!"

- Bonnie Mammoccio-Gerner

"Coach Lindsay has inspired Kristina more then any other pitching coach she has worked with . Kristina says when she’s pitching in a game she hears Lindsay’s voice in her head telling her what to do and she focuses on that . Coach Lindsay is fun and happy to work with her and Kristina has just connected with her and is doing better then she ever has . She reads her notebook and works on the drills whenever she has the chance and she is doing so good."

- Angela Decker

"Coach Lindsay has pushed Hannah. She has improved leaps and bounds in the 1.5 years that we have been seeing her."

- Andrew Derbyshire

Coach Lindsay Simone (Maiden name Creaney) is the owner of Innovative Fastpitch. Although it was started in 2011, she began coaching long before that and works on the fundamentals for girl’s fastpitch softball of all ages.

Lindsay played Division 3 for Rutgers where she earned the title of “Rookie of the Year '', she then went on to play Division 1 for Rutgers, where she earned the title “Athlete of the Year. Lindsay also founded and coached the Rutgers Club Softball D1. 

Her coaching focuses include:

Pitching, Hitting, Fielding, Throwing, Bunting/Slapping, and Base running…with a major focus on intermediate/advanced pitching.

***Due to increasing demand, Coach Lindsay currently focuses all her private instruction on pitching only***

Simone’s goal is to help girls get the most out of their ability. Her instruction is built from her own personal success and experience as both a college player and a coach. Lindsay has helped softball players increase their skill level, strength, and knowledge of the game while gaining them the recognition they deserve.

More importantly she educates both the player and the parent to help them understand the proper mechanics, how the parent can help take their daughter to the next level, and how to recognize and understand WHY certain habits may occur.

Many coaches have experience and knowledge, but what sets Lindsay apart is the fact that she has accomplished and obtained many softball honors for her ability, knowledge, and love for the game. She understands what the female athlete may face and helps them tackle these challenges through victory and teaches them to lead by example! She has a true understand of how to connect and relate to each player to bring out the best in them! She will be your #1 fan and keep you headed in the right direction!

Coach Lindsay will push for the  recognition you deserve!

Aside from coaching, Lindsay is a middle school Language Arts teacher and a mom of 3 boys!

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