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Innovative Fastpitch 10 Years Anniversar

Owned and operated by Coach Lindsay Simone, a former Division 1 softball player.

We are known for our softball instruction in the South Jersey area. We provide private softball instruction, semi-private lessons, camps, clinics, and team training for the South Jersey area but also service instruction outside of SJ through our virtual platform.


We also have a team of baseball instructors who provide private instruction, semi-private lessons, small group and team training for their athletes.


We are a team of coaches who work closely together to help develop the best players. While many of our players do tend to stick to one instructor, we do have many who see several of our instructors or fit in where they can to best accommodate their own schedule week to week. We pride ourselves on the smooth transitions among our coaches being seamless due to our constant communication and similar coaching styles. 


Our coaches take the time to get to know every one of their players so we can help them reach their full potential. Our goal is to not only help each player grow as an athlete, but also as a person. We help our players map out their goals, take efficient notes to better help them with their practice time at home, we work on positive approaches that will encourage each player, create shout-out videos, pictures and posts to help highlight each player’s progression as well help to gain them exposure.


We also offer an Empowerment program run by Coach Lindsay (I.F. Owner & School Educator) and Coach Sarah (I.F. Coach and Life Coach)  that is free to each of our players. We believe it is important to work on the well-rounded athlete and for each player to learn the necessary tools to work through struggles on and off the field. This program also helps players work on strategies and/or activities to keep them focused on their goals.


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