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Coach Jose Santiago has  20+ years of knowledge in the game of baseball and softball. He prides himself on properly instructing the mechanics of hitting and fielding but also has plenty of  experience with catchers (both softball & baseball) as well as pitching for baseball players.


He has previously coached travel ball of all levels including National teams and has led them to countless victories. 


His passion for the game comes from his own years of personal experience on the field which led him to play independent baseball in Tucson, Arizona for 7 years. He now uses his knowledge and experience gained from this level of ball to continue to help athletes develop and pursue their own dreams and aspirations.


Jose pays careful attention to detail and finds a way to help athletes stay positive throughout their training. He is dedicated to improving each and every player both physically and mentally as they train with him.


Jose is a father of two, both a softball (travel ball player) and a baseball player (beginning baseball) who are developing a passion for the game!

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