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"Coach Sarah is the best. The excitement she brings to each lesson and the praise she gives the girls really motivates them and makes them want to do their best."

- Jack Dyer

"My daughter Jessica has outgrown my ability to continue to provide pitching instruction to get her to the next level. She did her own research and found Innovative and Coach Sarah! In the past several months working with Coach Sarah Jess has improved her mechanics and added speed and accuracy to her game. In her first outing this season she struck out 18 batters in 3 games. The proof is in the results!"

- Bob Dinardo

"Sarah is an amazing and motivating instructor. She has been such a positive influence and mentor for my child! She supports her beyond her instructional time and makes time to cheer her on and boost her confidence. Sarah is truly amazing in every aspect!!!"

- Allison McNally

Sarah went to Coach Lindsay for softball instruction during her high school years of ball where she learned the proper mechanics and fundamentals.  She pitched Varsity softball for Timber Creek High School and played travel ball for the South Jersey Heat.  Aside from pitching, Sarah also played 1st and 3rd base and was a power hitter. During her senior year of High School she unfortunately experienced a career ending injury which led her to her passion for coaching. This is a big reason Coach Sarah is a huge advocate for proper arm and body care for her players.

She has been coaching with Innovative Fastpitch since 2012 and enjoys pushing each player to her full potential physically as well as mentally. Sarah enjoys getting to know each payer individually and pushing her to be her best self.  

What sets Sarah apart is her ability to relate to each player and help them recognize their own ability and confidence as both a player and a person.


Sarah is the owner of Elevation and Success, where she is a performance coach for female athletes to help them enhance how they are showing up in life and in sports. She puts a huge focus on mindset, health, and balance; helping them develop a positive connection to health and wellness, teaching them how to optimize their mindset, supporting them with goal setting and time management, and more.


Coach Sarah is also an integral part of our virtual program!


For more information about our virtual program, please email:

"Coach Sarah is an amazing coach. Not only is she concerned about the girls ability to get better for the games but she also cares about them on a personal and emotional level. She has given my daughter much more confidence on the mound and has helped her through some troubling times with the game and life."

- Andrew Devecchio

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