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catcher work

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Coach Eric is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to both baseball and softball. He is the brother of owner, Lindsay Simone, and was a big influence for her love of softball.

Eric was a Division 1 baseball player for Hofstra University where he was a starting outfielder. Prior to attending Hofstra, he played two years at Gloucester County College and was two-time D3 National Championship winner. Eric was offensively strong as well and found himself in the strongest part of the lineup. He was known to be a power hitter, but could also lay a bunt perfectly every time.

His knowledge is not just limited to the outfield position, Eric was also an infielder in college and a pitcher prior to that. He is was an all-around player. He was noticed by colleges due to his achievements in high school which included MVP of the Carpenter’s Cup.

Eric still enjoys playing Men’s softball for one of the top teams in South Jersey.

Eric’s strength is his complete well-rounded knowledge of the game. He is extremely observant and teaches his players how to not only study their own mechanics and tendencies, but to also study their opponents body language and past games to help them gain an edge.

OMG this is Paige’s first tournament since being coached by coach Eric, who Paige totally adores and looks up to- she has come a long way in such a short time with him! We are super excited and could not recommend a better place to go get some lessons for softball and that build over into real life for these girls!!

This is the place to go!!!

To watch her with so much more confidence and walk on/off the field head held high no matter what- she does well, smile- she has an error or bad at bat she comes off still head high but evaluating her technique now!!! Thank you Eric and Innovative Fastpitch Softball Instruction LLC- South Jersey!!

- Chrissy

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