Coach Lindsay




Coach Lindsay Simone (Maiden name Creaney) works on the fundamentals for girl’s fastpitch softball of all ages.

Her coaching focuses include: Pitching, Hitting, Fielding, Throwing, Bunting/Slapping, and Base running…with a major focus on intermediate/advanced pitching.

Simone’s goal is to help girls get the most out of their ability. Her instruction is build from her own personal success and experience as both a college player and a coach. Lindsay has helped softball players increase their skill level, strength, and knowledge of the game while gaining them the recognition they deserve.

More importantly she educates both the player and the parent to help them understand the proper mechanics, how the parent can help take their daughter to the next level, and how to recognize and understand WHY certain habits may occur.

Many coaches have experience and knowledge, but what sets Lindsay apart is the fact that she has accomplished and obtained many softball honors for her ability, knowledge, and love for the game. She understands what the female athlete may face and helps them tackle these challenges through victory and teaches them to lead by example!

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